Conserve Oil Corporation

Conserve Oil Corporation (“Conserve Oil”) is an energy company that manages assets and facilitates transactions in various structures to give clients access to the Canadian resource sector.

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Company Profile

Conserve Oil Corporation is an oil and gas asset manager and operator with offices in Calgary Alberta, Canada’s oil and gas center. Conserve Oil provides international investors access to the Canadian energy sector by focusing on the upstream segment of the oil and gas industry. Our reputation and financial standing allow us to expand our varied interests to other parts of the energy sector.

During the past five years from 2008 to 2013, Conserve Oil and its management team reviewed $3 billion in transactions and acquired over $500 million in assets in the oil and gas sector. We continued our strong growth during 2013.

The experience and expertise of our management team allow us to develop specific investment criteria. We customize business structures to make investment recommendations to comply with our client’s needs. Strategic professional business partners work with our management team. We offer diversified investment, management and advisory services to our clients. We thereby take investment proposals from inception to completion.

Our synergies with reputable companies make entry and exit out of the Canadian energy sector profitable for investors. We offer short, medium and long-term investments as well as individually created risk portfolios based on our clients’ guidelines.

Since 2009, Conserve Oil Corporation’s dynamic management team successfully completed over forty (40) oil and gas asset acquisitions. These successful investments were made in compliance with strict investment criteria approved by a third party prior to closing these transactions.

Key People

David Crombie President
Yoshiki Nakamura Business Development
Pat Mills  Engineering and Operations
Blair Rosquist Geology
Karen Dowling   Land

Oil and Gas Operations

Reserves Evaluation
Conserve Oil provides engineering and geological technical expertise to clients who require advice regarding oil and gas reserves. Conserve Oil can provide independent opinions that include economic evaluations, market value assessments and risk simulations as it relates to oil and gas assets.

Asset Due Diligence
Conserve Oil controls and checks the condition and sustainability of technical equipment of oil and gas assets, as well as all documents and record keeping of new acquisitions.

Title Review
Our specialists and external network partners review all legal documents and title of the potential assets before acquisition.

We identify and position clients for growth by capturing positions in resource plays that allow for scalable and repeatable development projects:

Environment and Safety Compliance
Conserve Oil Corporation is committed to conducting its activities in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Our company constantly strives to protect the health and safety of its employees, contractors, visitors, and the general public.

Facilitation Services

Risk Assessment 
Risk analysis is fundamental to any oil and gas acquisition. Hydrocarbon recovery, operating cost sensitivity and price forecasts are included in the assessment stage. Conserve Oil Corporation integrates operatorship, infrastructure and hedging strategies to mitigate risk factors in a dynamic industry. We work with clients to assess the proposed transactions, highlighting the value drivers, risks and opportunities in the deal.

Business Strategies
Based on the defined risk profile, Conserve Oil Corporation will determine clients’ needs and create a business model which states the duration of the investment, risk profile, investment criteria and business strategies.

Corporate Structuring 
Conserve Oil creates the right corporate structure, based on business strategy to ensure optimized tax and business structures. The following company structures were created in the past:

Tax and legal advice
Our strong network has experience in many jurisdictions and reviews tax laws to optimize investor returns.

Mergers and acquisitions require a multi-disciplinary mindset.  We therefore assemble a team that works closely together from the outset to facilitate transactions. We utilize our network of principals, partners, clients and consultants to analyze acquisitions and utilize their advice to make profitable business investments.

Oil and Gas Marketing
Conserve Oil provides multiple services starting with planning acquisitions to transporting and selling products. Transportation and marketing of crude oil, natural gas, and other hydrocarbon products can be optimized by analyzing the environment on a monthly basis.

Extra Information

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